Push notifications

It is not practical and comfortable to open application frequently to check if there new photos, requests, messages, isn’t it? Therefore we use push notification to notify you if there is anything new.

Fable app uses these push notifications

New photo

you received new photo(s) in your wish

New message

you received new message(s) in your wish or accepted request

New requests nearby

It is waste of time to open app and manually check if there are new requests nearby. We do it for you in the background and notify you when there are some new requests which you haven’t seen before

Unsent images

you have taken photos, but haven’t sent them yet (because you do not want to use expensive mobile data to transfer them). This notification is displayed when you connect to the wifi and there are unsent photos. It should be pity do not send taken photos

Photo upload status

displaying photo upload progress and the result of the upload


Switching off push notifiction

If you do not like to receive push notification, open app settings and switch them off.


You can use android settings to disable push notification for Fable app as well

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