Private wish

Fable is anonymous. Why do we need the private wish? Each wish you create is listed in the Nearby and anybody who want to take photos can accept it. It is not true for private wish. Private wish is not listed in the Nearby! The logical question is … how the others can accept my wish and take photos for me?

The answer is, that you have to share your wish as link to the target group of people/friends. Anyone who receive the link by any channel (Facebook, email, text message, …) have to import it manually to the application.

Privacy attention

You share the link -> anybody who receive it knows who you are -> in this case Fable application is not anonymous for this particular wish.

Do I need this?

It is up to you. There are use cases for this functionality.

For example …

  • your friends are going to the holiday and you want some photos from them. You will create private wish and share it with them. They import it to the application and send you photos. They are sure that this wish is from you -> they can send more private photos, text you private messages …
  • teacher can ask students to take photos about the subjects comprising a course of study in a school
  • redactor in news paper can ask his sources to take photos just for him. He do not want photos from the others from the community

How to

1. Create private wish

Create new wish as usual, but switch Private switch to on for now

2. Share it

The lock icon in the upper right corner indicate, that this wish is private. When you touch share icon, you can share the link via any application which is able to share text message in the phone. It is standard system dialog as you already know. When you touch to copy icon, the link for this private wish is copied to the clipboard. You can paste it any application to share it.

3. Receiver has to import private wish link

Open menu and touch Import Private Request

Paste the link which you received from the requestor here and touch IMPORT button

Private wish is displayed. Accept the request touching the accept icon in the upper right corner.

4. Private wish is imported -> take photos

When the private wish is accepted, than it is standard accepted request. Take photos and send them to the requestor. Send messages and discuss with the requestor.

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