Fable is anonymous and respect your privacy

Your privacy is important for us. We do not need to know about you anything, just we need to identify your phone. Neither anybody from the Fable community does not need to know what are your wishes or what requests have you fulfilled.


No registration is required. We do not request any username, password or any other information to identify you. Even we do not use Facebook, Google, Twitter or any other providers to login/identify you.

We generate unique ID and password during the first run of the application. We use it to identify and authenticate your phone against our backend systems. As well as we register your device in Google, to be able to send you push notifications. Google provides us unique ID which we pair with our’s. Google does not share any private data about you with us.

Data transfer

We use strong encryption to protect data transfer between your phone and our backend systems. All data are safe during the transfer. Nobody can see what are your wishes, what requests have you fulfilled, what images you uploaded, what is the content of the messages you sent and received, …

To send push notifications to your device we need to transfer data to the Google. This communication use strong encryption as well.


We need to know your location to be able to provide nearby requests and verify if you can take images. We mark GPS location to the each photo you take and send. We do this, because it is useful information for the receiver. Photo can be save/share outside of the Fable and still it is possible to see the location where the photo has been taken.

Location services are fundamental for the Fable application. If you do not want to provide your location, disable this in phone settings. If the location services are not enabled, application is not useful anymore.


Messages are anonymous as well. It’s up to you if you want to provide contact or any other private information to the other party via messages.

Permission to read and write to the external storage

Application need to save and load images. It use external storage for this. We do not read/write any another data there.

Usage data

we would like to know how the application is used by users. It’s help us to analyze and to the things better. We do not save any data from your phone, even location. We save application actions like “create wish”, “delete wish”, “accept of the nearby request”, “number of send/received images”, “number of send/received messages”, … If you do not want to provide us this data, please go to application settings and disable this functionality there.

Private wish

it is one use case of the application when it is not anonymous, because you share the link manually outside of the application -> anyone who receive link from you know who you are. Please read details in this post.

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