Display accepted request, take and send pictures

Ready to take pictures? Open your accepted request, click on the camera icon and take picture. When you are done, send pictures immediately or later via wifi. That easy it is!

1. Click to the Requests accepted icon on the bottom navigation bar

2. Select the request from the list and click on it

3. Request details are displayed

  • clicking on the map two icons are displayed
    • google-mapsclick it to open Google maps and display the place there
    • directions-iconclick it to get direction from your current position to the place (Google maps opens)

ray-start-arrowCurrent distance to the place – how far the place it is from your current position

image-multiple Pictures – how many pictures you already took / how many you can send to the requestor

timelapse-expireRequest expiration – until which date the request is valid. When the request expire, you will be not able to send pictures and messages back to the requestor

close-circle-outlineRequest is closed – not possible to send new photos and chat messages to the requestor

lock-outlineRequest is private –  private request is not listed in Nearby -> you received it from somebody you know. But when private request is imported, it is the same as request accepted in the Nearby. No special action is needed. Just you know who is the requestor

4. Take the new pictures

  • click to the camera icon camerato take new pictures. If you are close enough, camera will be open and you can take picture. If you are far more than maximum distance, then info message will be displayed and you need to go closer to take pictures

5. Choose from existing pictures

  • if you already have the pictures of the place, you do not need to go the place again. You can choose from existing pictures clicking on choose icon check-all. All pictures which have been taken on that place and are not older than Maximum photo age will be displayed. Choose how many pictures you want and click to the done button on the right side of the toolbar 

6. Send pictures

  • pictures are not send to the requestor automatically !
  • you have to click to the send icon send to send them
    • it’s up to you when you send them. Immediately using mobile data (can be expensive) or from home via wifi
    • you can add description to each picture before you send it


Task Actions

click to the three dot icon  on the top right corner, to open request menu and access more request actions


  • View photos as list  – toggle photos display as list view. Chat is available directly below the each photo
  • View photos as list  – toggle photos display as grid view. Useful when there is more photos and you want to quick view them all or select one which you are looking for
  • Archive request – move the request to the archive. If you are done with the request and you do not want to have a lot of requests in the main Requests accepted list, move request to the archive. You can move it back anytime
  • Close request – use it when you do not want to send new pictures and messages. When the request is closed, requestor is not able to send you new messages anymore
  • Delete request  – during the deletion you can decide to keep taken pictures (they will stay in the standard phone gallery) or delete them all

Display pictures as grid or list

  • Grid view – toggle pictures display as grid view. Useful when there is more pictures and you want to quickly view them all or select one which you are looking for

  • List view – toggle pictures display as list view. Chat action is available directly below the each picture