Display wish details


1. Click to the My Wishes icon on the bottom navigation bar



2. Select wish from the list
















3. Wish details are displayed















red badge icon on the top right corner inform how many new pictures and messages you received from the responders

icons and description on the right side of the map

image-multipleNumber of received pictures for this wish from all the responders

image-multiple-outline Max age of pictures – maybe you are not the only one which requested this place. Responder already have photos and he can send them to you if they are not older than max photo age

timelapse-expire The Wish expiration –  when the wish expire, it is not possible to receive pictures from responders. You can edit the wish to prolong the expiration

close-circle-outlineThe Wish is closed – it is not possible to receive pictures and  chat messages anymore. The wish is not listed in the Nearby list, even it is not expired yet

lock-outlineThe whish is private – use share button share-variant to share the wish directly from the app, or copy content-copy the link for this wish to the clipboard and share it by your own

  • click to the image to display it on the full screen
  • share the image directly from the app clicking on the share icon share-variant
  • communicate with the responder clicking on the chat icon message
  • click to the three dot icon   on the top right corner, to open request menu to access more actions


  • Edit wish – change the wish options here
  • Archive wish – move the wish to the archive. If you are done with the wish and you do not want to have a lot of wishes in the My Wishess list, move wish to the archive. You can move it back anytime
  • Close wish – closed wish is not visible in the Nearby list anymore and responders are not able to send you more pictures and messages
  • Delete wish  – during the deletion you can decide to keep received pictures (they will stay in the standard phone gallery) or delete them all.

Display pictures as grid or list

  • Grid view – toggle pictures display as grid view. Useful when there is more pictures and you want to quickly view them all or select one which you are looking for

  • List view – toggle pictures display as list view. Share and chat actions are available directly below the each picture