Display and accept nearby request

Want to fulfill wishes for the others? Super easy! Find them in the Nearby. Display the wish details and accept it. The request is moved to your Requests accepted and it is not displayed in the Nearby anymore.

1. Click to the Nearby icon on the bottom navigation bar

2. Select request from the list and click it

3. Details about the request are displayed

  • check the place on the map. Move the map  or zoom it to see more details
  • icons and description below the map

ray-start-arrowCurrent distance to the place – how far the place it is from your current position

image-multipleMaximum photos – how many photos you can send back to the requestor

timelapse-expireRequest expiration – until which date the request is valid. When the request expire, you will be not able to send photos back to the requestor

image-multiple-outlineMaximum photos age – maybe you already taken photos for somebody else and you have them. In that case you do not need to go there. You can  send existing photos if they are not older than max photo age

image-satelliteMaximum distance – you can take photos only when your distance from the place is not more than maximum distance

  • Accept the request clicking to the done button on the right side of the toolbar