Common Story




Going on a trip?

Written list of attraction to see?

But are they worth it?

The photos from tourist guides usually looks very nice.

What about to find out how it really looks like?

Right now!

Perhaps the monument is closed due to the reconstruction.

So, let’s ask for some photos!







Is it enough to see just the places written on the list?

Aren’t there more interested places to visit?

Didn’t you forget anything?

Why not ask locals? They should be more informed.

Maybe they will advice you to come another time or recommend
you to visit much more interested places.

Just do it and simply ask the questions!











Friends are enjoying holidays and you know there is very interesting place nearby?

What about to ask them directly to take some photos for you?

How to do it when everything in the application is absolutely anonymous?


Create private wish, share it with your friends and enjoy!