Scheduled background jobs – Nearby requests, Unsent images

Fable use background scheduled jobs to perform checks for new requests nearby and check if you do not forget send taken photos. This services are managed by central system scheduler to do not drain battery and guarantee overall system health. Each task runs only if the defined conditions are met and there is a probability that the job will complete successfully.

Nearby requests

This job checks if there are new requests nearby and It notifies you if there are any

  • job is scheduled to run each 4 hours from 7am to 9pm
  • this job uses device location and internet connection to perform the check

Unsent images

This job checks if there unsent images and It notifies you if there are any

  • job is scheduled to run each 4 hours from 7am to 9pm
  • this job starts only if the wifi network is available

Job management

You can enable / disable scheduled job in application settings


Application reinstall means lost of data, but not photos

If you uninstall Fable, you will lost all the data, but not photos. All photos will be keep and available via standard system gallery application. But all data about your wishes, request accepted, messages are lost.

If you install application again there is no relation to previous installation.

Fable is anonymous and therefore there is no way how to recover old data after reinstalling the app.

Wish properties

Each wish has properties which describe it and set limitations. It helps you specify details which responders use to take best photos for you.

Wish properties are:


short description of your wish

There is no default value for title and it is required property which you have to provide


describe your wish in detail. It is useful information for responders to take the best photos which match your request as match as possible

There is no default value for description and it is optional property


private wish is not displayed in the Nearby and therefore you have to share it manually outside of the application. Please read more details in this post

Your wish is not private by default

Max photos / responder

your wish can accept many responders. This property limits how many photos can send each of them. It should help photo diversity.

Default is 10 photos per responder

Expire after

specify how long is your wish valid.  After expiration wish is not displayed in the Nearby and responders are not able to send you new photos and messages. It’s up to you how long will be your wish valid, but maximum is 3 months.

Default value is 1 month

Max distance

This property defines maximum distance from target place. If the responder is farer, app will not allow to take photos and ask him to go closer. Define quite larger distance if you want some big places like mountains, city from the far away or want photos from around. Define smaller distance if you want photos closer to the target … city tower, historical building, shopping mall, …

Default value is 2km / 2mi

Max age of photos

It can happen that there are more than one wishes for the same place. If the responder already took photos for one of the request and the photos are not older than Max age of photos, he can send them and fulfil another requests as well. You can argue, that these photos are not unique for the request anymore. You are right. It is better than no photo. If you are responder … how many times are you ready to go and take photos of the same place again and again and again ?

Default value is 2 weeks

Changing properties of the existing wish

Sometimes happen, that you want to change properties of the existing wish. It is easy. Open the wish and from the menu in the upper right corner select Edit wish. Than change the properties as you want.


Changing default values

You can change default properties values in the application settings. Than each time when you will create new wish, these yours new default values will be used.


Push notifications

It is not practical and comfortable to open application frequently to check if there new photos, requests, messages, isn’t it? Therefore we use push notification to notify you if there is anything new.

Fable app uses these push notifications

New photo

you received new photo(s) in your wish

New message

you received new message(s) in your wish or accepted request

New requests nearby

It is waste of time to open app and manually check if there are new requests nearby. We do it for you in the background and notify you when there are some new requests which you haven’t seen before

Unsent images

you have taken photos, but haven’t sent them yet (because you do not want to use expensive mobile data to transfer them). This notification is displayed when you connect to the wifi and there are unsent photos. It should be pity do not send taken photos

Photo upload status

displaying photo upload progress and the result of the upload


Switching off push notifiction

If you do not like to receive push notification, open app settings and switch them off.


You can use android settings to disable push notification for Fable app as well

Private wish

Fable is anonymous. Why do we need the private wish? Each wish you create is listed in the Nearby and anybody who want to take photos can accept it. It is not true for private wish. Private wish is not listed in the Nearby! The logical question is … how the others can accept my wish and take photos for me?

The answer is, that you have to share your wish as link to the target group of people/friends. Anyone who receive the link by any channel (Facebook, email, text message, …) have to import it manually to the application.

Privacy attention

You share the link -> anybody who receive it knows who you are -> in this case Fable application is not anonymous for this particular wish.

Do I need this?

It is up to you. There are use cases for this functionality.

For example …

  • your friends are going to the holiday and you want some photos from them. You will create private wish and share it with them. They import it to the application and send you photos. They are sure that this wish is from you -> they can send more private photos, text you private messages …
  • teacher can ask students to take photos about the subjects comprising a course of study in a school
  • redactor in news paper can ask his sources to take photos just for him. He do not want photos from the others from the community

How to

1. Create private wish

Create new wish as usual, but switch Private switch to on for now

2. Share it

The lock icon in the upper right corner indicate, that this wish is private. When you touch share icon, you can share the link via any application which is able to share text message in the phone. It is standard system dialog as you already know. When you touch to copy icon, the link for this private wish is copied to the clipboard. You can paste it any application to share it.

3. Receiver has to import private wish link

Open menu and touch Import Private Request

Paste the link which you received from the requestor here and touch IMPORT button

Private wish is displayed. Accept the request touching the accept icon in the upper right corner.

4. Private wish is imported -> take photos

When the private wish is accepted, than it is standard accepted request. Take photos and send them to the requestor. Send messages and discuss with the requestor.