Create a new wish

1. Click to the My Wishes icon on the bottom navigation bar



2. Click to the plus button on the bottom right corner




3. Choose the place on the map or input place name to the search box on the top of the screen















start writing the name of the place and let app to provide you suggestions. Than choose one or continue with search
















when the place mark is displayed on the map you can move it clicking  to the map until you are satisfy with the selection
















click to done button at bottom right corner



4. Write the Title and Description of your wish

These fields are important! They describe your wish and based on these responders will take pictures for you. It is not possible to change them later!

  • Title should be suitable and short description of your wish. Use more specific location description and avoid common names
  • Description is used to describe specific details about your wish. It helps responder to better fulfill your wish














5. Set wish options

  • Private – the whole app is anonymous, but sometimes you will want to ask just specific group of people for pictures (friends, family members, co-workers, …). For that purpose there is private wish. It is not displayed in the Nearby (it is not visible to the others) and therefore you have to share it by your own. When private wish is created, there are buttons which enable you to share the link to this wish directly from the app, or copy it to the clipboard. You share it by specific channel which you choose (email, facebook, twitter, message apps, …) -> receivers will know from whom the wish came from. This is only one moment when the app is not anonymous. When the responders accept your wish, it is standard accepted request for them and you are not able to track who sent you pictures.
  • Max photos – define how many photos you want to receive per responder -> 10 means maximum 10 photos from each responder
  • Wish expiration – it is very important to decide how long your wish is valid. When wish expire, it is not possible to receive photos from responders. You can edit the wish later and prolong the expiration. Define proper expiration based on your needs. E.g. If you know, that the event from which you need pictures finish tomorrow, just set expiration to 2 days
  • Max distance – responder can take picture only when he is near to the place -> max distance. Define small distance when you need pictures from the short distance and larger values for more general places like … city centers, landscape panoramas, …
  • Max age of photos – maybe you are not the only one which wish pictures of this place. Responder already have pictures and he can send them to you if they are not older than max photo age

Hint: you can set the default values for these options in the application settings


6. You are done. Just click to the done button on the right side of top toolbar